Pink Roses.

I am a female. And I am not a girl, or a woman. I am both!

I don’t have pink color as my favorite. But I love pink roses! And I have pink thoughts of course! And I love them, too.

I am sometimes the crazy, young, impulsive and spontanius girl and in other moments, I am a serius, romantic, patient woman.

I don’t get why every girl has to love pink. I just hate it sometimes… And I don’t understant why it is not «right» to be both girl and woman. I just can’t be just the one. I can’t be only a girl. ‘Cause I am not 10 years old… But I can’t either be only a woman. ‘Cause I can’t go on being serius and restrained all the time!

I just need to laugh sometimes without a reason. I just need my cheeks to be pink because of my shyiness! I don’t want to hide this younger side as old as I am now or in the future. And even if I love so much this part of mine, I hate it sometimes. Because it hides my female side. This side I love possibly more than my younger side!

I love and I hate my pink side almost the same at the same moment! But I can’t go on without it!

My responce to The Daily Post


Διανυκτέρευση στο Μοντεβέρντε.

Το «Διανυκτέρευση στο Μοντεβέρντε» είναι μία από τις νουβέλες που έχω γράψει. Είναι ένα ελαφρύ θρίλερ, το οποίο διαδραματίζεται στο δάσος του Μοντεβέρντε, με πρωταγωνιστές μία παρέα 6 εφήβων. Είναι μία από τις αγαπημένες μου νουβέλες, αν και γνωρίζω πως έχω ακόμη πολλή δουλειά να κάνω στον τρόπο που γράφω. Ελπίζω να σας αρέσει! Συνεχίστε την ανάγνωση Διανυκτέρευση στο Μοντεβέρντε.

Staying in temporary situations.

We are all looking for something or someone. We are trying to find the perfect person, the perfect home, the perfect job and somewhere in our way we just be in temporary situations just hoping that this we are looking for, will come to us. Or… We just stay in the same place, situation with the same people and job and we let life move on, faster and faster, just without doing anything. We let time pass without being happy.

And why? Is it because we think we can’t do something more to get what we want? Or is it because we are afraid of losing our time as we will be trying? Why don’t we try for our lives?? Why do we be afraid of trying? It is logical to lose sometimes, but how do we suppose to acheive our goals, our wantings, staying in the same situations, without trying? How do we believe we will get what we want without trying? And I don’t mean that we must be in temporary situations and not be in the same…

We need to try. We need to make our dreams true! We must stop believe that everything will come to us without trying for it! We must try for our wantings… Even if we will be changing temporary situations and people and jobs… We must try to find everything we dream of!

My responce to The Daily Post

Being exposed.

There are so much times I have been exposed to something or someone. Either to my parents, or to my teachers. As I was growing up I started feel like this in more situations. Some of them were when I stand up on the theatre scene of senior high school. And when I had to apologise about the bad marks in some lessons of the technical university…

But there is nothing like when I made a big mistake in my personal life and I had to fix this. This was when I felt more exposed than every other moment!

Although, there aren’t only bad ways to be exposed..

I remember the first time I stayed in my room, with my boyfriend. I felt so strange. It was something like I’ve been afraid of my thoughts and my wantings. But I still love that day. There were exposed my body, my feelings, my heart… Me in any way. And I have nothing bad to remember! It’s not about the naked body, but it’s about the naked soul.

You get exposed ‘couse you let someone to see your soul naked. But there is no other way to live, than to take the the risk and let yourself be exposed!

My responce to The Daily Post

Who can know better than you?

How many people have you met during your life? Millions… And more! And how many of these people do you believe you know? 

Let me help you… Noone!

It is not about you. It is not that you aren’t clever or something. You just can’t know them.

Okay, I will not be undue. You know someone. Just one person… And it is Yourself! It is the only person you are able to know. And you know him better than everyone!

You know nothing more about other people, than what they deside to show you. It is about what they want fot you to know about them. And you do the same. You must have relised that you don’t let anyone to know a lot about yourself. Just some things. Either small, or big things. But not all.

You don’t let yourself to know all about you… How do you suppose to let anyone else? And how will they do, if you don’t?

Noone is able to know you better than you. Is the same about the thoughts. Only you can know what you are thinking of. And not all the time. Sometimes you can’t keep in mind every thought. You just forget even if you haven’t relised yet what you were just thinking of.

Even you, you can’t know always what’s going on in you mind. What’s going on with you! You can’t know. But it’s sure that you know better than me, better than him and better than them!

You know better!

My responce to The Daily Post

Ευτυχία. Ένα θέλω δρόμος!

Πόσο υπέροχο να νιώθεις ήρεμος! Ήρεμος! Με όλη την σημασία της λέξης! Όχι μόνος… Ήρεμος!

Να μην απασχολεί καμία σκέψη το μυαλό σου. Να μην το κουράζει κανένα πρόβλημα, κανένα άγχος.

Να νιώθεις ελεύθερος από κάθε τι. Να νιώθεις ελεύθερος ΜΕΣΑ στην αγκαλιά του άλλου. Να νιώθεις ελεύθερος μέσα στο σώμα σου! Να μην σε καταπιέζει κανένα συναίσθημα!

Πόσο όμορφο να ΜΠΟΡΕΙΣ να απολαύσεις την λάμψη του ήλιου. Το παιχνιδιάρικο χρώμα των ανθισμένων λουλουδιών. Χωρίς τίποτα να σε αποσπά από την τόσο όμορφη αίσθηση!

Να βγαίνεις από το σπίτι σου, όχι γιατί πρέπει να πας κάπου, αλλά γιατί ΘΕΣ απλά να βγεις και να νιώσεις την κάθε λεπτομέρια. Από την ζέστη του ήλιου μέχρι το αεράκι στο δέρμα σου.

Να μην νιώθεις κανένα κενό.

Να κοιτάζεις το σπίτι σου, το δωμάτιό σου, τον/την σύντροφό σου, τα παιδιά σου, τους φίλους σου, τα πάντα και να λες «Εδώ είμαι! Εδώ που έπρεπε να είμαι! Εδώ που ΘΕΛΩ να είμαι!»

«Θέλω να είμαι εδώ που είμαι και αγαπώ όσα έχω! Δεν μου λείπει απολύτως τίποτα! Και έτσι είμαι Ευτυχισμένος. Όχι γιατί δεν έχω προβλήματα, όχι γιατί δεν τρέχει ποτέ η μύτη μου και δεν πάω στο γιατρό, ούτε γιατί ποτέ δεν έχω αντιπαραθέσεις με τους ανθρώπους μου. Αλλά γιατί δεν θα άλλαζα για τίποτα και για κανέναν την ζωή που έχω!»


No One And Nothing!

Have you ever fall down and feel you aren’t able to stand up and move on?

Have you ever cut yourself thinking about how to leave everything behind and just be disapeared?

I have been in these life’s stations. And I realised one thing: «No one and Nothing is more important than our beleif in ourselves first and then, in someone or something else!»

You fall down? You have to beleive you CAN stand up, and so, you will.

You feel everything is wrong in your life and you need to change that? Just do it! Beleive in yourself. Beleive that you can do it and do it! Don’t be afraid of trusting yourself. If YOU don’t, then who will?

No one!

You first and after you, everyone else!

My responce to The Daily Post

I hope you like it and I also hope you understand what I try to say, ’cause I am not so good at English yet. Thank you for your time!