Talking About the Favorites.

Sometimes, we use to check our old pictures, posts, memories. It is the moment we realize what was different in the past and what changed. We remember what happiness meant some when for us, but now we need something else to feel happy. 

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We Are The Guilty!

Have you ever been in front of a whole team of people judging you? Have you ever felt that you are guilty without knowing it?

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A Place In The World

I remember myself lives in more than one places, since I was a little child. But each place is almost the same. It may has a different name, different people, different memories, but they are all into the same country. All places are in Greece. A country which has the sun and the rain, the sea and the mountains. Well, my places are Crete and Salamina. Here are some photos I took. You may have seen the photos of Salamina into my blog’s Gallery page. 





The Song By The Heart!

Nowadays, more and more songs come up all the time. Every week, every day, every moment, a new song is being listened to the radio, to the cafes, to the phones. It may be a new song by a famous singer, or by a starter. Although it doesn’t matter who sings, but how!

You have heard a lot of songs being singing by different people, haven’t you? But, what’s the difference between each song?

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Awakening Rose

It was this morning that I visited my grandmother’s home and saw one more sign of Spring’s arrival.

The awakening of a pink rose had already began! At its sight I remembered a colorful butterfly I had seen flying around the leaves a day before. And somewhere near the rose was the first fully blooming lily. It had worn its elegant white dress and in the middle had that yellow – golden beauty every year distinguished it from the rest of the flowers!