Relieved of Responsibilities.

As we grow up, we change the way we are thinking of and so the way we act.

We want to grow up and do everything we want, without parents control us. We believe, the process of adulthood will give us the chance to be who we want to be and to do what we want to do, but we never think about the responsibilities we will have. 

From the day we are born, we learn how to walk, how to speak, how to eat. We learn how to meet people and how to make friends. From when we are very young, we start acting different than our parents and our teachers want. We start taking initiatives. And this is the part of our lives that we have to start facing every responsibility results! Even we are so young. 


How do we expect to be relieved of responsibilities, when we are who cause them? And how do we supose to be grown ups, when we don’t understant that we have to be responsible humans! 

Here, I must say that I know how phyricaly normal is for us to want a happy and easy life. But, this could be realy truth, only in our chilhood. And not always! So, we have to stop thinking that way and just realise what’s the life’s plan!

I hope I didn’t get you tired and I also hope you like my post!

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Distracting You From Working!

Imagine you are working from home and you have a huge pack of papers to check. You have been absorbed into reading and it is like nothing is around you. It feels like you are alone in the middle of an empty room which has inside it, only your desk full of the papers on it. You start to be faster and faster, so that you are sure you will finish your work before the night comes!

And guess! Where you have gotten for good, someone opens the door of your room. «Hey, there you are! I was looking for you. Look, I…» And this is the moment, this voice has just distract you of everything you were doing and you are like «Oh, yes! Perfect! I will finish now…» 

The volume of this voice starts being higher and higher until you feel your ears pricking.

And finally your voice comes out and you are screaming «Stop! Stop talking!» And it feels so nice the quietness you get! But, now, it is almost impossible for you to find the concentrate you had before!

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The Secret Life.

Somewhen, in sometimes of life’s road, we meet people who, even if they seem normal, they are so different! They are people of these who live a secret life. They make everyone believe that they wake up every morning, make breakfast, go to work and come back to home to relax. But, in real life they are just invisible humans who acts anusual and they use to do bad, secret things. They use to talk with stranger people. And if someone try to revelate them, then guess… He just get dissapeared. Not because he may be a danger person for them, but just because they need to feel secure, even if that means they have to kill…

My responce to The Daily Post.

This time I wrote a text which could be the introduction of a Novel I have in my mind to write. I hope you like it.

About Love.

We use to look for love. We use to look for someone who can love us as we can, or more than we can. We use to feel so good when someone says «I love you» to us, even if we can’t believe he means it!

But, what love is? What does it mean to love someone? Is there any way to explain love?

Well, I think there are infinite ways to describe love. First of all, I have to say that no word can really describe at least the 10% of the feeling of love! 

It’s when you want someone, except yourself, to be happy. When you try to make someone happy. Without having any interest. Love it is when you finally be someone who isn’t you if the other person doesn’t exist into your life. Loving someone means that you are tender with him and even if he is angry with you! It is when you look to have a dinner for him, even if you know he may won’t come.

It is when you have the other person into your mind all the time and you just carry about him so much.

It doesn’t matter if he is your brother, your sister, your mother, your friend or «the person of your life» it has to do just about how you feel about him!

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Distant Worlds!

As I was a child, I used to run away from my neighborhood. I used to go at the top of the mountains where there…

I was always alone, I didn’t have friends, I didn’t have brothers or sisters… I was just alone. And I was free to do whatever I wanted, without anyone tell it to my parrents!

There came a day, that I stoped being this young child. I was almost 20 years old, when I realised that… And then, it was the real beggining of my life. Not because of the age, but… Because it was the first time I falled in love!  And I couldn’t imagine how my life was going to change.

He was right in my age. He was taller than me and he was handsome! He had showed me that he was in love with me, as I was with him! We were going for walks, we were thinking about the future together… We were so happy! But I didn’t knew…

I didn’t knew he had to leave me… I couldn’t even imagine how far away he would go. I just knew I was in love with him… And he was. At least, he had told that he was…

I remember he said «I will come back for you» and then, he left. He left without explaining me where he was going! He just left.

Some days later, I found a letter into my room. A letter he left to me. I opened it and I read it. «I am sorry that I hadn’t told you about me and where I am from. I was afraid that you would leave me if you knew… But, at this instant… I have to tell you! I have to help you learn and so the choice will be yours. You will choose if you will come to me or not! Well, I am not human, as you define humans. I am from another planet… A distant world. It doesn’t matter how we call him, neither matters how we come to earth and then back here. What you have to know, is that I am like you. I seam like you. I act like you. I feel like you and I love you! Even if it is different the way I was born! And… Now you have to choose. Will you come here? To this world?»

And this was the moment my life changed. I was alone, as I always was. Me parrents had left. I had nothing to lose.

So I did. I left this world to another distant world!


My responce to The Daily Post

I hope you like this kind of story.

Don’t Let Me Fall.

There are times that I can’t control myself and I just feel like I am going straight to a precipice. It seams like nothing and nobody is able to help me stop! This happens when something changes in my life and, this change, it isn’t for good. And it also happens when somebody that I love leaves from my life. It happens when I let myself breaks the limits of my circle of freedom and can’t find other limit, so can’t stop running away from the circle.

There is nothing worst, only this feeling, that you are not able to stop yourself of running straight to the precipice! And you believe that you can’t stop, because you were been for a long time strong… You were fighting for a long time with yourself to do the right thing, the right moment. And sometime you felt you can’t do this all the time. You can’t do this… No more! You realise you are tired of trying to stay in the circle of right and normal people. And you let yourself go away from the circle. And he suddenly starts running.

He started running…

And he didn’t knew where to go, he just wanted to relax from all these «right» things he was doing. He just wanted to feel more free.

And sometime, you just lost him, you lost yourself, because you haven’t let him feel so free ever again and now he doesn’t know how to act and how to manage this freedom! He is not able to control his mind. And he comes to be crazy. And he suddenly closes up to the precipice… and he is one breath to fall.

This is the time that I need someone or something to help me. Something to believe, or someone to believe! I need to change direction. But if I am not able of changing the way I see the world, how can I change my direction? 

Some people just can’t come back. Some other people need to stop running at the edge of the precipice and then, come back.

And me? Sometimes I just stop running and start to come back…

But some other times I need only one person to help! And this is you! You are the only one who can bring me back. And if you won’t anticipate to stop me running… What will happen then??

I don’t know! So just don’t let me fall. Don’t let me run far away from the circle, even if I need to feel free…

Help me lay limits on the size of my freedom, so that I won’t feel out of my reach. And when I become accustomed to this size of freedom, let me have more freedom. And be with me!

I hope you like my post. I chose to write like I am talking about myself, because I believe it’s easier to get you in the spirit of the text. 

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The Qualm.

People want to have a normal life. A life that ofers to them the peace they need. People need to feel they have some granted things in their life.

But it is in the nature of life to change the granted things. And there is nothing more frequent than to meet a new «problem» or a new person, that will disturb the routine! And then, people realise they have a qualm. Or a lot of quarms! «Shall I talk to her?» … «What can I do?» And sometimes people just hide their feelings and their thoughts, because they get afraid of their qualms. They can’t control what is going to happen if they choose the wrong way, the wrong person, the wrong place… They get afraid of taking the risk to choose and so they stay in a situation that they can’t manage! And they can’t manage this, because they need to choose!

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