See Deeper Than The Obvious!

Do you remember everything you see?

Have you ever notice something strange into a photograph, picture, or a simple look around you? Something, that looks like it doesn’t fit in the whole situation, place, faces. Have you ever feel that something you used to know has become something you can’t even understant it?

Let’s think you look into a picture. An old picture from since you were young. A little child. You look so happy in front of your birthday cake and you are ready to make your wish!

But… What is that you don’t see into this picture?

Maybe someone who is hidden so he won’t be into the picture, or someone who didn’t come. Maybe it is your pet, next to your brother, sister. Maybe it is just your eyes! Your eyes that have something to say… Is it something hidden? Do you hide a feeling, or something?

What is it, that draws your attention so much into this picture?

They say «A picture hides thousant of words».

Can you see these words? Can you read what is writen? Can you understant what is hidden into everything around you? A smile, a lough, a tear, a photograph, a guy who is looking at you or a child who turns his hand to you.

Can you find the real meaning?

Is it everything we see, as we see it?

I wanted to write something that will make us into thoughts. I hope you like it! 

My responce to The Daily Post.

Which Gate To Choose?

There comes a day, we have to decide what is more importand for our life! We have to choose the right future!

We can’t know if ot is the best choice until we make it! But, we have the chance to choose!

It is like we are walking and suddenly we meet some gates that don’t let us continue if we won’t choose one of them!

This is the moment we have to choose our future. Is it the gate «money»? Is it the gate » career» , «love» , is there any gate which can lead us to more of what we can see??? Which gate is the best for us? There is only one we can choose. All we have to do, is to trully see which hides more things than one to earn in the future!

It is in our hand.

My responce to The Daily Post.

Savor It!

It was a very difficalt day and Johanna was so tired. All she wants, was to eat, with her boyfriend, Bill and then go to sleep! She couldn’t even think about doing anything else. 

Although, Bill had different plans! He was tired too. Maybe he was more tired than Johanna, but he didn’t want to stay one more day into their house and just sleep. So he said «Stand up and change clothes if you want. We are going to go for a walk, come on my love!»

They left the dirty plates to the kitchen. They changed clotges and they left home.

Bill stopped the car next to the sea. Johanna couldn’t get the reason. «What will we do here?» Bill told her to go inside the coffee bar was there and take two coffees. And so she did.

As she was going near to him holding the coffees he said. «Come… Come here!» He showed her to go on the huge rocks, behind the lighthouse path. There was no road or steps to follow. They had to climp.

«Are you sure? How am I going to follow you… I mean… I am afraid of falling!»  slowed her down telling her that he would help her holding her hand. So, they clinp the rocks and they sat down when they were at the top!

All of the mountains, houses, lights and sea sights were opposite their eyes! The sky had a few clouds that were hiding the top of the mountains and the sun was falling down, creating lovely colors around the whole sky. Sea seamed to be one part with the sky. It was amazing!

Bill was so happy as his girlfriend suddenly had stopped being tired… See, a relaxing place with no voices is the best way to feel you are not tired as you were! Bill said… «See? Savor it! It won’t last a lot until sun will be hidden behind the mountains!»

My responce to The Daily Post.

Bury Me – I Dare You!

During life, we meet a lot of people. Some of them stay with us during this journey and some of them go far away from us so they live the journey without us! But, there are some people who choose to be around us, watching us, hearing us and talk about us, without being in touch with us! 

Let’s talk about the third type of people…

It is so beautiful to know that people admire you and they talk about you with the best words they can use! It is perfect being a person, everybody wants to meet! I want to thank these people, as everyone would want to thank them, about their ability to make us feel so happy, even if we have the worst problems! There aren’t many people like them.

Unfortunately, it is impossible having no haters!

And this is the part two of the «third type of people» I mentioned before…

The haters… People who talk bad about other people, or about us. People who don’t want to see «us» being happy. People who try to make our mood down! These people are the haters.

These people are who bury us when we can’t hear them. And if we will be near them they’ll try to show that they are angels, our angels!At this point, this is what I have to say…This is what we have to say… «Try to bury me, if you can. I dare you! And then we will see who will be under the ground.» It is not a threatening. It is just a warning!

There is a saying that says «Clear sky, is not afraid of lightning» Think about it! It is about the way we think and then it is about how we act!

My responce to The Daily Post.

Life Is Like A Train.

Imagine a train. A big train, or a small train… It doesn’t matter the size. It can be only a wagon, or it can be a huge train! Imagine that it is moving. It is fast. As the time passes, it starts moving faster and faster. You are a passenger of this train since you were borned. The train stops at some places for a few time and then it starts moving again. When it stops, it lets people to leave it or to go inside it. Sometimes people miss the train or they miss the stop they wanted to leave. Sometimes people make mistakes or they can’t stand any more the speed of the train and they deside to leave the train early. 

Life is like a train. You can’t know when, how and where you will be borned. You can’t know when you will leave life or when life will let you go. You can’t even imagine how many stops you will meet until you find yours.

So, all you have to do, is to enjoy the route!

My responce to The Daily Post.

It Was a Happy – Sunny Day!

I woke up and I opened the window of my room. I suddenly felt like I lost my eyes because of the light the sun had! I went out and I gave a look around me.

Everything was different that moment. 

It was a sunny day, a hot sunny day, that was leaving so good promises! I was sure it would be MY day! 

I changed cloths and I got out of the house. I started smiling, with no reason, I was walking like I was going to a party and I had that feeling of happiness!

It was so nice!

I went to the sea and I had a great bath, with nothing bad into my mind.

It had been so long since the last time I felt like this! I was hearing the sea falling to the rocks and in that instant laughs by children looked like they were trying to be heared more than the waves. The air was so friendly and the sun was there to give it’s light as more as it could! 

Suddenly, the phone started ringing… And ringing… And it was like someone or something was trying to bring me back…

It was like I just stoped feeling so happy and a feeling of fear had came up!

And what happened then…?

I just found myself, onto the bed, trying to open my eyes!

It was just a dream! A very beatuful dream!


My responce to The Daily Post.

I hope you like it!

Relieved of Responsibilities.

As we grow up, we change the way we are thinking of and so the way we act.

We want to grow up and do everything we want, without parents control us. We believe, the process of adulthood will give us the chance to be who we want to be and to do what we want to do, but we never think about the responsibilities we will have. 

From the day we are born, we learn how to walk, how to speak, how to eat. We learn how to meet people and how to make friends. From when we are very young, we start acting different than our parents and our teachers want. We start taking initiatives. And this is the part of our lives that we have to start facing every responsibility results! Even we are so young. 


How do we expect to be relieved of responsibilities, when we are who cause them? And how do we supose to be grown ups, when we don’t understant that we have to be responsible humans! 

Here, I must say that I know how phyricaly normal is for us to want a happy and easy life. But, this could be realy truth, only in our chilhood. And not always! So, we have to stop thinking that way and just realise what’s the life’s plan!

I hope I didn’t get you tired and I also hope you like my post!

My responce to The Daily Post.