The Light Into The Dark Black!

It was a cold night of November. Julia had just arrived to her home. She was ready to take a bath and sleep. It was late and she was so tired. She had one of the most difficult days at work. Her boss was ungry all day long…

 She took off her clothes and she entered the bathtub. The warm water made her relax so that she fell in sleep. Time passed… A loud knock on the door woke her up and scaried her! «Who is it?» She asked «I am coming!». Noone answered. She wore her robe and she run to open the door.

She stoped runing one breath close to the door and asked again how was outside, but nobody answered. She touched the door with her ear so she could hear something from outside. 

«Shall I open?» She asked herself… and she opened the door. She looked around and noone was there. She turned around to go back inside. A man was standing in front of her.

She could see nothing, but the dark black! She couldn’t move her body. She could say nothing and the scare had already come and was shuddering her skin!

A small light seamed to be in depth. She started relaxing as she was thing how she could be moved. She tried so hard to, but it was impossible! 

A door opened behind her and someone came close… Her breathing became faster and her heart was like would come out of her body. Someone moved her telling he was going to «end this». 

«What is he going to do?» She thought and started crying quietly. She felt he left her down and he was trying to let her free. Now her hands are free to move and she takes off the hood. Someone is in front of her, but far away from her! He leaves… «Hey, You! Who are you? Say something; what did you do to me? What did you want?» He has already left, but a paper was next to her writing «The wanted to hurt you, so they could take revenge on behalf of…» Something, or someone had make him stop writing. Maybe he could find his mischief after leting her free!

My responce to The Daily Post.


Interested In It!

I get myself thinking about it everytime during day. When I wake up, when I eat, when I talk with someone, when I just look around me, even if I am sleeping, I see dreams about it! Yeah, I am interested in writing

This is MY love! It is the reason I use to look like I am not in the same place with my body. From the moment I start writing a new Novel I think about it all the time! The days I can’t use my PC to write, I feel like I am going crazy. I need to find a notebook and write the inspiration I have!

In my dreams, I see faces, places, moments, that I may have written in my Novels, or I may write them when I wake up. I walk and I am thinking of my people… My friends… These faces I create and then I talk with them! I imagine how they would wanted to continue their lives and how they could continue even if they don’t want. It is like they tell me what they want to do and what they actually do. It is like I can’t stop thinking about them unless I write about them everything I have into my mind.

It is like singing… You wake up in the morning and there is nothing to stop you from singing sometime during your day! 

My responce to The Daily Post.


Are You Witty?

Do you talk about life? Do you have questions about life? Do you feel that people around you don’t care about things means so important to you? Do you thing it is a pity when someone plays all day Playstation when he could go for a walk? Do you prefer to follow a difficult path than an easy?



Are you witty?

Well, in my opinion, witty is someone who has the called «Open Mind». It is the person who isn’t afraid of difference. It is who can accept a human even if he has the most different opinion! He doesn’t need to be from the same country, he doesn’t  need to be at the same level of education, he doesn’t care if he talks with someone whose whole life is different than him!

He is witty, because he can accept humanity as different as it is every person. He is witty, because he can move on, without the need of something or someone fits him. He is witty because he doesn’t think only about the daily routine he has, he makes plans about the future… He has goals to reach! He tries to understand everything he hasn’t understant, he doesn’t let it go. He keeps his mind awake!

~The way I see~

My response to the daily post!


Do You Believe In Coincidences?

Do you believe in Coincidences? Do you believe in destiny? 

I believe that there is a reason about everything happens!

Most times it is the result by our actions, by our choices. If you think about it you will realize that everything it is about how you act. Every small decision you make is the cause of any future you may have!


What does this word mean? Is it real? Well it is about what you mean when you talk about a coincidence..

«Today I met George… He was at the same doctor I went… What a coincidence!»

This can be a coincidence. But, if you had talked to him about this doctor, only the day and our you chose to visit the doctor can be a coincidence. But, is it?

Have you ever thought how a «coincidence» can change your whole life?


My response to the daily post.

As The First Leaf falls Down!

The days pass and the future seams so closer than before…

The air has started being more noisy and the day stopped growing up.

People go back to their countries and beaches have less people swimming…

I feel in my skin the change… I don’t need to see it. Although, seeing the first leaf falling down is a very strange feeling!

It is like realizing  summer leaves but don’t want it to. And it has already left!

It is time to feel the night some cold… But, I am not sad. This is the circle of the year and I like it!

My response to The Daily Post.

There Is No Tentative Life!

The biggest part of our lives, we live it like it is tentative. We act like we will have a test at the end of it and then we will live the real life. We forget to let free ourselves to feel good… We forget to try about everything we want to get! Until there comes a day we will realise we lost our best years!

My response to the daily post

Is it flirt?

Remember the last time your best friend told you about a new flirt.

«He was looking at me all the time and suddenly he smiled at me! It was flirt! I am sure!»

«Have you notice anything weird about Jack? I think he is flirting me! He has always that smile on his face… He is so kind with me. Yes, that’s it.»

How many times were you sure that someone was flirting you and then you realised he had just a sympathy for you?

Nowadays, flirt, sympathy and kindness have come so close into our minds, that we use to think they are the same!

If someone talks to us cute, it doesn’t mean he is flirting… He may be cute with everyone, or he may want to make a friendship.

When someone smiles at you, it can be because of the sympathy you make him feel for you!

But, why and how did we cone to think about flirt all the time? When did we stop to look for friends? Why did we stop believe in friendship?

My responce to The Daily Post.