It Is Captivating.

One word, countless opinions on what it means. 

It is when a mom sees for the first time the face of her child.

When the colors are dancing while the sun is hiding to receive the moon.

It is that strange feeling you had when you first met your first love.

A word your best friend told, when you were ready to tell the same; like he/she knew what you were thinking of.

When you achive to make true one of your dreams!

The eyes you love the most, the smellings, the dreams; are some of the most Captivating memories you keep. You just can’t find more appropriate word to full describe them! 

See, this changes, depending on the person; depending on what each person’s view is. No one can descrive the same moment, with the same feeling and the same place, using the same word meaning in the same way. Even if there are two different people, who lived one moment totally identical, they can’t realize it in the same way! And this is more captivating; it is more enchanting even by the very word.


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I started writing (Greek Novels & Narratives) at the age of 11. I use to write about thriller, or drama, or both into one Novel. From the age of 19, I own my blog "Open Mind", which I created on my own! I write small texts, all about the way we think, act and generally the way we live! From the age of 20, I created my Gallery into the blog. It is about photographs I take! Most of them, are about sights of the sea, the sky, the clouds. I love to keep moments! Either into my writings, or through photographs. I don't trust my memory, because it will probably leave me someday, as everyone is going to lose his memories as he grows up! Into this blog, you will find: Posts about everything I write on my own. (small texts, responses, novels, narratives) Photographs into Gallery that I shoot, most of them have no effect. --> Selected images into my writings' posts, are some of them from the internet - and some are from my Gallery! ~You will find the Creative Commons into menu! Thank you for your time!~

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