Is it flirt?

Remember the last time your best friend told you about a new flirt.

«He was looking at me all the time and suddenly he smiled at me! It was flirt! I am sure!»

«Have you notice anything weird about Jack? I think he is flirting me! He has always that smile on his face… He is so kind with me. Yes, that’s it.»

How many times were you sure that someone was flirting you and then you realised he had just a sympathy for you?

Nowadays, flirt, sympathy and kindness have come so close into our minds, that we use to think they are the same!

If someone talks to us cute, it doesn’t mean he is flirting… He may be cute with everyone, or he may want to make a friendship.

When someone smiles at you, it can be because of the sympathy you make him feel for you!

But, why and how did we cone to think about flirt all the time? When did we stop to look for friends? Why did we stop believe in friendship?

My responce to The Daily Post.


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One thought on “Is it flirt?”


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