See Deeper Than The Obvious!

Do you remember everything you see?

Have you ever notice something strange into a photograph, picture, or a simple look around you? Something, that looks like it doesn’t fit in the whole situation, place, faces. Have you ever feel that something you used to know has become something you can’t even understant it?

Let’s think you look into a picture. An old picture from since you were young. A little child. You look so happy in front of your birthday cake and you are ready to make your wish!

But… What is that you don’t see into this picture?

Maybe someone who is hidden so he won’t be into the picture, or someone who didn’t come. Maybe it is your pet, next to your brother, sister. Maybe it is just your eyes! Your eyes that have something to say… Is it something hidden? Do you hide a feeling, or something?

What is it, that draws your attention so much into this picture?

They say «A picture hides thousant of words».

Can you see these words? Can you read what is writen? Can you understant what is hidden into everything around you? A smile, a lough, a tear, a photograph, a guy who is looking at you or a child who turns his hand to you.

Can you find the real meaning?

Is it everything we see, as we see it?

I wanted to write something that will make us into thoughts. I hope you like it! 

My responce to The Daily Post.


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I started writing (Greek Novels & Narratives) at the age of 13-14. I use to write about thriller, or drama, or both into one Novel. From the age of 19, I own my blog "Open Mind", which I created on my own! I write small texts, all about the way we think, act and generally the way we live! From the age of 20, I create my Gallery into the blog. It is about photographs I take! Most of them, are about sights of the sea, the sky, the clouds. I love to keep moments! Either into my writings, or through photographs. I don't trust my memory, because it will probably leave me someday, as everyone loses his memories as he grows up! Into this blog, you will find: Posts about everything I write on my own. (small texts, responses, novels, narratives) Photographs into Gallery that I shoot, most of them have no effect. --> Selected images into my writings' posts, are most of them from the internet -! ~You will find the Creative Commons into menu! Thank you for your time!~

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