Savor It!

It was a very difficalt day and Johanna was so tired. All she wants, was to eat, with her boyfriend, Bill and then go to sleep! She couldn’t even think about doing anything else. 

Although, Bill had different plans! He was tired too. Maybe he was more tired than Johanna, but he didn’t want to stay one more day into their house and just sleep. So he said «Stand up and change clothes if you want. We are going to go for a walk, come on my love!»

They left the dirty plates to the kitchen. They changed clotges and they left home.

Bill stopped the car next to the sea. Johanna couldn’t get the reason. «What will we do here?» Bill told her to go inside the coffee bar was there and take two coffees. And so she did.

As she was going near to him holding the coffees he said. «Come… Come here!» He showed her to go on the huge rocks, behind the lighthouse path. There was no road or steps to follow. They had to climp.

«Are you sure? How am I going to follow you… I mean… I am afraid of falling!»  slowed her down telling her that he would help her holding her hand. So, they clinp the rocks and they sat down when they were at the top!

All of the mountains, houses, lights and sea sights were opposite their eyes! The sky had a few clouds that were hiding the top of the mountains and the sun was falling down, creating lovely colors around the whole sky. Sea seamed to be one part with the sky. It was amazing!

Bill was so happy as his girlfriend suddenly had stopped being tired… See, a relaxing place with no voices is the best way to feel you are not tired as you were! Bill said… «See? Savor it! It won’t last a lot until sun will be hidden behind the mountains!»

My responce to The Daily Post.


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I started writing (Greek Novels & Narratives) at the age of 13-14. I use to write about thriller, or drama, or both into one Novel. From the age of 19, I own my blog "Open Mind", which I created on my own! I write small texts, all about the way we think, act and generally the way we live! From the age of 20, I create my Gallery into the blog. It is about photographs I take! Most of them, are about sights of the sea, the sky, the clouds. I love to keep moments! Either into my writings, or through photographs. I don't trust my memory, because it will probably leave me someday, as everyone loses his memories as he grows up! Into this blog, you will find: Posts about everything I write on my own. (small texts, responses, novels, narratives) Photographs into Gallery that I shoot, most of them have no effect. --> Selected images into my writings' posts, are most of them from the internet -! ~You will find the Creative Commons into menu! Thank you for your time!~


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