Bury Me – I Dare You!

During life, we meet a lot of people. Some of them stay with us during this journey and some of them go far away from us so they live the journey without us! But, there are some people who choose to be around us, watching us, hearing us and talk about us, without being in touch with us! 

Let’s talk about the third type of people…

It is so beautiful to know that people admire you and they talk about you with the best words they can use! It is perfect being a person, everybody wants to meet! I want to thank these people, as everyone would want to thank them, about their ability to make us feel so happy, even if we have the worst problems! There aren’t many people like them.

Unfortunately, it is impossible having no haters!

And this is the part two of the «third type of people» I mentioned before…

The haters… People who talk bad about other people, or about us. People who don’t want to see «us» being happy. People who try to make our mood down! These people are the haters.

These people are who bury us when we can’t hear them. And if we will be near them they’ll try to show that they are angels, our angels!At this point, this is what I have to say…This is what we have to say… «Try to bury me, if you can. I dare you! And then we will see who will be under the ground.» It is not a threatening. It is just a warning!

There is a saying that says «Clear sky, is not afraid of lightning» Think about it! It is about the way we think and then it is about how we act!

My responce to The Daily Post.


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I started writing (Greek Novels & Narratives) at the age of 13-14. I use to write about thriller, or drama, or both into one Novel. From the age of 19, I own my blog "Open Mind", which I created on my own! I write small texts, all about the way we think, act and generally the way we live! From the age of 20, I create my Gallery into the blog. It is about photographs I take! Most of them, are about sights of the sea, the sky, the clouds. I love to keep moments! Either into my writings, or through photographs. I don't trust my memory, because it will probably leave me someday, as everyone loses his memories as he grows up! Into this blog, you will find: Posts about everything I write on my own. (small texts, responses, novels, narratives) Photographs into Gallery that I shoot, most of them have no effect. --> Selected images into my writings' posts, are most of them from the internet - pixabay.com! ~You will find the Creative Commons into menu! Thank you for your time!~

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