Life Is Like A Train.

Imagine a train. A big train, or a small train… It doesn’t matter the size. It can be only a wagon, or it can be a huge train! Imagine that it is moving. It is fast. As the time passes, it starts moving faster and faster. You are a passenger of this train since you were borned. The train stops at some places for a few time and then it starts moving again. When it stops, it lets people to leave it or to go inside it. Sometimes people miss the train or they miss the stop they wanted to leave. Sometimes people make mistakes or they can’t stand any more the speed of the train and they deside to leave the train early. 

Life is like a train. You can’t know when, how and where you will be borned. You can’t know when you will leave life or when life will let you go. You can’t even imagine how many stops you will meet until you find yours.

So, all you have to do, is to enjoy the route!

My responce to The Daily Post.


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