It Was a Happy – Sunny Day!

I woke up and I opened the window of my room. I suddenly felt like I lost my eyes because of the light the sun had! I went out and I gave a look around me.

Everything was different that moment. 

It was a sunny day, a hot sunny day, that was leaving so good promises! I was sure it would be MY day! 

I changed cloths and I got out of the house. I started smiling, with no reason, I was walking like I was going to a party and I had that feeling of happiness!

It was so nice!

I went to the sea and I had a great bath, with nothing bad into my mind.

It had been so long since the last time I felt like this! I was hearing the sea falling to the rocks and in that instant laughs by children looked like they were trying to be heared more than the waves. The air was so friendly and the sun was there to give it’s light as more as it could! 

Suddenly, the phone started ringing… And ringing… And it was like someone or something was trying to bring me back…

It was like I just stoped feeling so happy and a feeling of fear had came up!

And what happened then…?

I just found myself, onto the bed, trying to open my eyes!

It was just a dream! A very beatuful dream!


My responce to The Daily Post.

I hope you like it!


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