Being crazy? Or just afraid of my shadow?

Sometimes it feels like someone is watching me. It seams like he is trying to find something bad about me that could help him to present wrong things about me. To present fake things about me. Sometimes I feel like noone wants me to achieve big goals!

Am I stupid? Or is it something that keeps me being afraid of bad coincidencies? Or is it that I am afraid of my shadow?

What makes me feel like this? What is this feeling I have, like something or someone hunts me? And how can I make it go away from me?

I realy don’t know! The only thing that I know is this feeling.. It is what I feel… It is that nobody can calm me down when this bad feeling comes up to bother me!

And I need to fight it. I need to win! And one day, I’ll do it… And I’ll be the winner! One day… One day.


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Posts I create on my own, about inspirations from the daily life, responces to other blogs, "only greek", novels or part of novels (in greek) I write and photographs. I write texts, about the way we think and the way we act, as jumans.


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