The Qualm.

People want to have a normal life. A life that ofers to them the peace they need. People need to feel they have some granted things in their life.

But it is in the nature of life to change the granted things. And there is nothing more frequent than to meet a new «problem» or a new person, that will disturb the routine! And then, people realise they have a qualm. Or a lot of quarms! «Shall I talk to her?» … «What can I do?» And sometimes people just hide their feelings and their thoughts, because they get afraid of their qualms. They can’t control what is going to happen if they choose the wrong way, the wrong person, the wrong place… They get afraid of taking the risk to choose and so they stay in a situation that they can’t manage! And they can’t manage this, because they need to choose!

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Posts I create on my own, about inspirations from the daily life, responces to other blogs, "only greek", novels or part of novels (in greek) I write and photographs. I write texts, about the way we think and the way we act, as jumans.

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