Pink Roses.

I am a female. And I am not a girl, or a woman. I am both!

I don’t have pink color as my favorite. But I love pink roses! And I have pink thoughts of course! And I love them, too.

I am sometimes the crazy, young, impulsive and spontanius girl and in other moments, I am a serius, romantic, patient woman.

I don’t get why every girl has to love pink. I just hate it sometimes… And I don’t understant why it is not «right» to be both girl and woman. I just can’t be just the one. I can’t be only a girl. ‘Cause I am not 10 years old… But I can’t either be only a woman. ‘Cause I can’t go on being serius and restrained all the time!

I just need to laugh sometimes without a reason. I just need my cheeks to be pink because of my shyiness! I don’t want to hide this younger side as old as I am now or in the future. And even if I love so much this part of mine, I hate it sometimes. Because it hides my female side. This side I love possibly more than my younger side!

I love and I hate my pink side almost the same at the same moment! But I can’t go on without it!

My responce to The Daily Post


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Posts I create on my own, about inspirations from the daily life, responces to other blogs, "only greek", novels or part of novels (in greek) I write and photographs. I write texts, about the way we think and the way we act, as jumans.

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