Being exposed.

There are so much times I have been exposed to something or someone. Either to my parents, or to my teachers. As I was growing up I started feel like this in more situations. Some of them were when I stand up on the theatre scene of senior high school. And when I had to apologise about the bad marks in some lessons of the technical university…

But there is nothing like when I made a big mistake in my personal life and I had to fix this. This was when I felt more exposed than every other moment!

Although, there aren’t only bad ways to be exposed..

I remember the first time I stayed in my room, with my boyfriend. I felt so strange. It was something like I’ve been afraid of my thoughts and my wantings. But I still love that day. There were exposed my body, my feelings, my heart… Me in any way. And I have nothing bad to remember! It’s not about the naked body, but it’s about the naked soul.

You get exposed ‘couse you let someone to see your soul naked. But there is no other way to live, than to take the the risk and let yourself be exposed!

My responce to The Daily Post


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