Who can know better than you?

How many people have you met during your life? Millions… And more! And how many of these people do you believe you know? 

Let me help you… Noone!

It is not about you. It is not that you aren’t clever or something. You just can’t know them.

Okay, I will not be undue. You know someone. Just one person… And it is Yourself! It is the only person you are able to know. And you know him better than everyone!

You know nothing more about other people, than what they deside to show you. It is about what they want fot you to know about them. And you do the same. You must have relised that you don’t let anyone to know a lot about yourself. Just some things. Either small, or big things. But not all.

You don’t let yourself to know all about you… How do you suppose to let anyone else? And how will they do, if you don’t?

Noone is able to know you better than you. Is the same about the thoughts. Only you can know what you are thinking of. And not all the time. Sometimes you can’t keep in mind every thought. You just forget even if you haven’t relised yet what you were just thinking of.

Even you, you can’t know always what’s going on in you mind. What’s going on with you! You can’t know. But it’s sure that you know better than me, better than him and better than them!

You know better!

My responce to The Daily Post


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