The road to success

They use to say «Patience and humility will bring you success».  But… I don’t get it. How?? In this world, in this planet, no one achieved big goals just with being humble! Patience really helps, but you need to be tenacious. If you don’t, you’ll do nothing! You won’t manage to reach your goal.

Success isn’t something easy! You need to be conscious about what you want to succeed. You need to set a specific goal. You have to be tenacious! And, unfortunatelly, sometimes you don’t need to be humble!

It is not nessecery to follow an existing road. It is not always right to follow tested ways. Find an another, different way. Separate yourself from the masses. Create your own road! Success depends on you!

«The secret to success is uncompromising insistence on purpose» Benjamin Disraeli.

My responce to The Daily Post!



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