As The Sun Goes Down.

A full day has just finished. You are outside your job’s building. You are up to go home, do a shower, put the TV on and wait to sleep… But, you don’t. You just decide to change direction.

A new beach bar has open this week. You go there, wearing your formal work clothes. Walking into the bar, you see an old friend sitting in the depth. A person you didn’t ever expect to see him again! He was your bestfriend somewhen, but you cut contact with him. And what about now?? What you can do now?

He stands up and comes. You can leave and pretend you didn’t see him, but you don’t. Your feet are stuck to the floor and your breath is cut! He is now standing in front of you and you just do anything. You don’t speak. You don’t think. A stupid smile has appeared in your face which doesn’t allow you to hide you missed him! «Hey where have you been all of these years?? I lost you!!» He says. Your voice comes out difficalty… «Hi, Fine you??» He realises you feel embarrasment and he tooks you by the hand to go out. «Here is better. I missed you! Do you know this?» He seams to be sincere, but you’re not sure. You feel something is wrong.

He comes closer. Suddenly words come out of your mouth. «Did you really miss me?» He looks at you so puzzled and answers «Yes… yes I missed you!» and you just have made sure he is lying! He comes more close to you and he is a breath from you, going to kiss you.

And then? WHAT HAPPENS THEN? I’d like you to continue the story in comments. Let’s see how much inspiration is here!

PS: I hope you didn’t get mad about my bad level in English. Thank you!

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I started writing (Greek Novels & Narratives) at the age of 13-14. I use to write about thriller, or drama, or both into one Novel. From the age of 19, I own my blog "Open Mind", which I created on my own! I write small texts, all about the way we think, act and generally the way we live! From the age of 20, I create my Gallery into the blog. It is about photographs I take! Most of them, are about sights of the sea, the sky, the clouds. I love to keep moments! Either into my writings, or through photographs. I don't trust my memory, because it will probably leave me someday, as everyone loses his memories as he grows up! Into this blog, you will find: Posts about everything I write on my own. (small texts, responses, novels, narratives) Photographs into Gallery that I shoot, most of them have no effect. --> Selected images into my writings' posts, are most of them from the internet -! ~You will find the Creative Commons into menu! Thank you for your time!~

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  1. He leans towards the bar and nods to the bartender for a couple of drinks. It could have been the stars or the fact that you were as tired as a working person could be at the end of a day shift, but it felt as if those two could communicate in a special kind of way.

    The drinks came in fast and you felt a burning sensation to ask if your old friend came here often. Yet, this question ended up being held back; it’d be a shame if your old friend was a regular to the beach bar in a walking distance from your workplace and you hadn’t seen seen him there once through all those years. At this point, it almost felt like your weariness had started going away.

    It was such a relief that there was no need for any ice breakers as you realized that your old friend hadn’t changed one bit. With just a bit of alcohol running in your system you thought that you could go all night, having fun with your trusty buddy from old times. The flow of the conversation was so natural and soothing, but it wasn’t long until reality struck. Your friend started talking about how going for drinks was his only escape was going for drinks while everything around him seemed to be crumbling from his perspective.

    You sat there paying attention to him while he was narrating the pain he was going through. Listening about problems with his family, about the crappy job that he had to do, he even told you about the small apartment he had to move to. Sitting there, yous started thinking to yourself that your only complaint was having an unfulfilling job, at the same time also feeling grateful that you were doing fine with all other aspects of your life.

    Being just two drinks in, you realized that quite a bit of time had went by and told your friend that you had to go. You could sense the sadness in his eyes in this moment but knowing that you had priorities he simply accepted the apology you gave him. On the way back home you just can’t stop thinking about whether you should keep contact with your old friend after having met him again. In the end those thoughts just ended up drowning in your head after taking sleeping pills to force your body to sleep; having to go to work tomorrow.

    Μου αρέσει!


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